Our Instructors


Our Instructors

Barn Hunt and Agility Instructor

Birgit Bartoschek (and Belle)

For more than 30 years Birgit Bartoschek, co-founder of Four Paws Kingdom in North Carolina, has specialized in dog training methods that create, “Results the Fun Way.”

Using Positive Reinforcement Training Birgit has successfully trained puppies and adult dogs in agility, basic manners/obedience, trick training, Rally Obedience and other skills, all while increasing the bond of trust between dogs and their human companions

Something she is particularly passionate about is the importance of playing and bonding in order to train dogs – this approach has helped her succeed in competitions overseas and in the US.

She and her Corgi Belle (MACH 4 – now 11 years old), also found their love for Barn Hunt and enjoy sharing their passion with all humans and K9 companions.

Agility Instructor

Tamara Stimatze

Tamara Stimatze, PhD, has worked with animals most of her life. Her degrees in psychology developed her understanding of animal behavior and training principles, such as positive reinforcement. Tamara has trained in agility for seven years, currently competing at the masters and excellent level with two of her dogs. Tamara has a lot of experience with a variety of dogs through her work fostering, transporting, and rescuing animals. She has experience working with reactivity and behavior modification within her own rescue dogs. Tamara uses a balanced and creative approach in dog training to help bring out the best in every dog and team!

Laura Bays - Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Class Instructor

Laura Bays

HI! My name is Laura Bays.
I grew up having dogs and loved teaching them tricks.
My Dad competed in obedience with his dog in the 1980’s! Watching him train his dogs sparked my interest in training.

I am owned by Boston Terriers, although I have had many different breeds; ranging from strays to poodles to border collies to my first love – blue heelers! Then I met my first Boston terrier and I was hooked. I have had Bostons for 20 years.

My first love was agility not obedience although I did get interested in agility by taking an obedience class with my first Boston terrier, Chance. I have competed in agility, obedience, rally , and conformation. I am currently learning about barn hunt and nosework and hope to compete in these venues in the future.

I have been teaching/training dogs and their humans for about 15 years; my favorite part of teaching is the “AH HAH” moments, when the dog suddenly understands what is he/she is being asked to do!