Barn Hunt


Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a fun sport for your dog where they have to use their nose to locate rats (safely enclosed in aerated tubes) hidden in a maze of straw/hay.

Since sniffing is such a fun activity for dogs, they love this sport!

We offer a 2 hour Seminar as an introduction to this fun sport.
During this seminar

– We are introducing the dogs to the live rats in sight, scent, and sound.

– We are explaining and approaching the first steps of the hunt.

– We are going through the rules and etiquette for dogs and humans in the barnyard.

Plus we are letting the dogs and humans get their feet wet in hunting.

This Intro Seminar is the basic requirement to attend the drills on Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings (see below) and/or joining our regular Barn Hunt Classes.

Spots are available!

Once they’ll “meet the Rats” accompanied by careful guidance and training most dogs will learn to follow their nature given Instinct in a barnyard like environment.

Our current Barn Hunt Offerings are:

Monday evening Class 6.15pm – 7.15pm                     

Monday evening Drill 7.15pm – 8.15pm


Tuesday Class 10.00 – 11.00am

Tuesday Drill 11.00 – 12.00noon

Tuesday Class 6.30 – 7.30pm


Wednesday Class  11am – 12noon
Wednesday Class 6.00 – 7.00pm

Meet Your Barn Hunt Instructor

What our "Barn Hunters" have to say...

We will be offering new Novice Classes starting in January 2023

Barn Hunt Novice class is designed for those that have never attempted this sport, or who want to reinforce their foundation skills, or have attended an Intro to Barn Hunt seminar.

This class allows the dogs and handlers to develop the skills needed to perform barn hunts.

Our class will cover:

· timing of rewards to build your dog’s desire to find the rat with an Introduction to the live rat

· how to differentiate between an empty tube, a tube with rat litter in it and a tube with a rat.

· learning to read your dog’s signal and behavior during the search

· courses and basic competition rules

· climbing straw bales

· navigating the tunnel

· handler strategies

The goal of this class is to prepare for your Barn Hunt Instinct Test and/or trialing at the Novice Level, or just having fun with your dog

Instructor are:  Birgit Bartoschek and Belle the Corgi

Length: 6 weeks

Class size: max 6 dogs

Cost: $90

The intermediate class is for dogs that are currently competing in barn hunt, are ready to compete or who have taken the novice class.

We will be refining the dog’s hunting skills and indication. Tunnel skills will be developed using tunnels having 2 or 3 turns in a variety of configurations. In addition, this class will continue to develop handler skills, and discuss the movement of scent, mapping and space pressure so the team may more successfully compete.

Classes are Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and evenings. Please contact us for details and availability.

6 weeks $90

Drop-ins for in-progress sessions may be available. 

You can book a private evaluation lesson ($40- 30 min) to find out where you and your dog could join an ongoing class


The Drill is for the team that just wants to practice on their own with their dog.
The Barn Yard is set up for Novice to Senior Levels and each team has up to two hunts with up to four rats. A Rat Boss will take care of the rats and hiding places.
IMPORTANT: You need to have finished an intro seminar or a Novice Class with us.
$10 per Dog / max 7 spots. / Prior Sign-up (here) is required.
We are offering private barn hunt lessons These are 30-minute sessions to introduce a new dog(s) to barn hunt and/or to work on skills for the Novice or Open level competitors.
Dogs should be people and dog social. They need to be 6 months or older to attend. You are welcome to bring 1 to 2 dogs per 30-minute session $40
Please click button to inquire about availability